Stories of Andy Warhols Factory


Directed by: Otto Mühl and Terese Schulmeister


Concept: Otto Mühl


The film “Andy´s Cake” is an opulent secession of scenes taken from Andy Warhol´s Factory in which different artists of the international artscene play Andy´s antagonists: for example Maria Lassnig as Valery Solanis who nearly successfully attempts to kill Andy, or Otto Muehl as Julia Warhola, who claims to be the better painter, Oswald Oberhuber as Jackson Pollock and Nam June Paik as priest who gives the last sacrament to Andy just before he knocks at the door of the castle in Princes Village where Hermann Nitsch helps to fulfill his greatest wish: to go down in an orgy of blood and chaos.


Theo Altenberg, Edek Bartz, Herbert Brandl, Josef Danner, Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Friedrich Geyrhofer, Lorand Hegyi, Kurt Kalb, Martin Kippenberger, Hubert Klocker, Ursula Krinzinger, Adolf Krischanitz, Maria Lassnig, Cary Leibowitz, Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch, Konrad Oberhuber, Oswald Oberhuber, Albert Oehlen, Nam June Paik, Martin Prinzhorn, Peter Raue, Violaine Roussies, Heinrich Steinek, Peter Weibel, Hans Weigand, Heimo Zobernig and many more.


Cinematography: Sandro Decleva, Heinz Brandtner, Peter Gold, Johannes Holzhausen


Original Version: Video Betacam SP Language: German with English subtitles


Length: 46 min.


Premiere: Wiener Secession, March 11 1993


- Diagonale, Festival des österreichischen Films, 1993
- ORF, Kunststücke 1993





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