Concept: Otto Muehl
Directed by: Terese Schulmeister



1983, 7 min., Video U-matic Lowband
A wild yet humorous safari of women to chase and capture men. 


1983, 22 min., Video Umatic Lowband
Loosely based on Kafka´s famous novel the film tells the story of a son who one day wakes up as a pig...


1983, 20 min., Video Umatic Lowband
Emilie, a lonely old lady, is sucked into maelstrom of unreal pictures and into a sexual chase where real experience mixes with ecstatic and terrifying visions.


1983, 7 min., Video Umatic Lowband
Neonazis, women´s groups, sects, skinheads, punks, the Pope and different groups of the society produce an apocalyptic szenario in a disastrous football match.


1983, 11 min.,Video Umatic Lowband
The fight of the church against the sexuality of women by criminalizing them as witches reveals the insanity of manipulation in the perverted torture and liquidation of women who are suspected to be sexually attractive.


1984 , 44 min., Video Umatic Low Band
The strict Master of a Zen monastery sends a rebellious monk out into the world where he gets involved in dangerous situations. He can only help himself by telephoning the master for advice.


1988, 13 min., Video Umatic Lowband
Christof Columbus succeeds to convince Queen Isabel of Spain to equip him to sail accross the Atlantic. This and what happens to the Spaniards when they meet the indigenous people is shown in this film shot on the island of La Gomera.


1987, 18 min., Video Umatic Lowband
The melancholy emanating from Caspar David Friedrich painting lonely in the snow becomes grotesque when he turns into a blood-sucking dracula who knows how to escape the vigilance of the lord of the castle and get at his victims.


XI DAI, childrens' film,
1985, 19 min., Video Umatic Lowband
Everyone is engaged in intense physical training in the camps of the two enemies „Roter Schnee“ and „Schwarzer Oktober“. When a spy is uncovered full-scale fighting breaks out.


DER MALER PABLO PICASSO, childrens' film,
1985, 30 min., Video Umatic Lowband
Picassos early years in Paris were characterized by poverty, yet wild parties with artist-friends were common. His life –so full of adventures with women- ends in the staid happiness of an ageing couple.


1985, 24 min., Video Umatic Lowband
Forced collectivism, famines, errors and mistakes mark Stalin´s ruthless rise to dictorial power and only increase his madness until he even declares a chicken to be an English spy that should be liquidated.


DER FÜHRER KOMMT, childrens' film
1986, 18 min., Video Umatic Lowband
When Hitler fails the entrance exam for the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna he swears revenge. As soon as he becomes Imperial Chancellor, he mobilises troops to occupy Austria and insists on retaking the exam for the Academy.




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