A film about Pablo Picasso


Directed by: Terese Schulmeister


Concept: Otto Mühl


The satyrical parody “Picasso” deals with the tragedy of an artist, who has been successful. All of a sudden he becomes a businessman, who is being pushed to production. Furthermore Pablo doesn´t have much luck with women. Francoise Gilot runs away when she discovers the goat Minna in her bed with her own nightgown on! The next is Jaqueline who is running a ceramics manufactory in Vallauris. She instead keeps him on a short line and shows blatantly her material interest, driving him on to produce more. Only his best friend Sabartes understands him, but he dies of grief, because he cannot bear her dictatorship. In the meantime Pablo has become the victim of Jaqueline, who also determines the art of her senile husband… The film is certainly not a documentary, it is a tragicomical parody parallel to reality.


Theo Altenberg, Violaine Roussies, Dieter Reichert, Judith Goldblat, Francesco Conz, Philipp Corner, Friedrich Geyrhofer, Kurt Kalb, Günter Brus, Joachim Goppelt, Jean Pierre Goldblat and many more.


Cinematography: Werner Hertel


Editing: Werner Hertel


Original Version: German, Umatic Lowband


Length: 60 min.


Premiere: Friedrichshof, Feb. 1986



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